Inspirational Christmas Ideas and Tips from Eye4Design!

AAllow  – Allow time to Relax and Appreciate!  Take time to step back and enjoy all the season has to offer.  Schedule a manicure,  meet up with friends for lunch, or simply sit back with a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the decorations adorned throughout the home.

2612d41d7e2faef1dab82b5d66c868f8BBerries  – Whether showcased in a favorite recipe, nestled in garland, or adorned within a Holiday wreath, the possibilities are endless.  (photo source: Pinterest)

CChandelier   – Turn your dining room lighting into a festive holiday decoration.  Adding  some ornaments, and even a little greenery can take your dining/entertaining area from ordinary to extraordinary.

DDelight  – Snowmen, Stars, Angels… whatever the Delight… showcase within Holiday Decor!  Displaying in clusters of odd numbers… grouping in odd numbers is more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered pairings.

contemporarychristmasEElegant  – ELEGANCE OF THE SEASON is another direction this season, so spray that branch with adhesive and glitter it! Mirrors, always offering the touch of “something special” can be a springboard for not only an elegant touch but also a very individual one, also.

FFireplace – The fireplace is the ideal place to decorate for the Holidays.  If the home doesn’t feature a fireplace, a simple and creative solution is to build a faux fireplace for the Holidays!

GGlow – Add a warm glow to your holiday décor with the warmth of candlelight.  Whether you have a traditional home or a contemporary space, get inspired by these creative ideas on Pinterest.

HHallways – Deck the Hall for the Holiday!  A festive entryway can set the mood for holiday gatherings both large and small.  Whether the hallway is large enough for its own Christmas tree, or a modest shelf to  display a collection of holiday cards… there are a multitude of ways to bring some seasonal cheer to your doorstep

decorate-christmas-cookies_300IIcing – Bring holiday cheer into the home with fun and festive sugar cookies.  Christmas cookies are perfect for gift-giving, including decorated cut-out sugar cookies, gingerbread people, iced cookies and more.

JJoy Designs – Christmas ‘JOY’ has special meaning for Kathy, of Eye4Design… and there are an abundance of JOY Designs to choose from.

KKids  – A gift is even more special when it’s made from the heart. So, let the kids spark their creativity with handmade gifts.  Consider Lacey Candles, Bottle Cap Magnets, or  Tin Treasure Boxes featured on

LLodge – The Lodge Christmas.  Create a warm and rich atmosphere this Holiday season with ‘Lodge’ Holiday Decor.  Consider a selection of rustic ornaments, Northwoods Santas, antique ski’s, baskets and natural elements.

MMantel  – The fireplace mantel, home of cozy fires, center of family gatherings, and Christmas stocking ”central” is regularly the focal point of the living/family room and therefore often demands a little more attention ( or anguish) than other areas for holiday decorating.

over3NNatural Elements – Spice up your Holiday decor with nature.  Use branches from the yard, greens from a little tree trimming, battery operated lights, fish line and ornaments suspended over the dining table.

OOrnaments – Decorate in style with Holiday Ornaments.  Give new life to old ornaments and create your own homemade Christmas ornaments. Explore hundreds of fun and festive ideas, including Christmas ornaments kids can make on

PPhotos – Get creative with your photos this year!  Make a collage of photographs into the shape of a Christmas Tree.  Use a variety of frames, or tape the photos to the wall itself.  It is also a great way to display the Holiday Photo Cards that are received this Holiday season.

QQuilt – A beautiful handmade quilt deserves its rightful place on the wall.  Treat the hard work by kindly hanging it the correct way.  In this video, Beth Ferrier, shows you how.

holidaytableRReDesign – Hosting a Holiday party?  Does the space seem too small?  Rethink and ReDesign… Create a great dining space by relocating the table.  Here are some numbers to help make that room choice and table position clear before actually shuffling furniture.  A table setting/chair needs 24”, and the  chair should have 24”-30” behind it for ingress and egress.

SServing Bowl – Serving bowls are a great option for displaying seasonal decor, because both the contents and the bowl can be changed out easily year-round.  Display them on a shelf, or use them as bookends. Their elegant shapes can add visual interest to any arrangement.

TTurquoise & Teal – Stay on trend with your holiday decorations… incorporate Turquoise & Teal Christmas decorations into your decor this holiday season.

underUUnder Ideas – Under glass is a great way to showcase holiday favorites from a grouping of special ornaments to this handmade beaded Christmas tree. Maybe there is a collection that could bring the spirit of the season in focus…angel ornaments under dome…again, use your imagination!

VVeggies – A welcome splash of color. To craft these cheerful, vegetable-shaped ornaments by West Elm, artisans transform raw wool into vibrant sheets of felt, then cut and sew each one by hand. Hang them from a holiday tree to make it pop.

WWreath – No matter the style, a Holiday wreath is a sure way to say ‘welcome’ to Holiday guests as they enter the home.

XX Marks the Spot – Tis the season for hosting, decorating, and decking the halls.  All that celebrating can lead to some unfortunate and unwanted arrivals like red wine spills on the carpet, coffee stains on the table linens, and more.  Keep those “oops” moments from bringing down your merry hosting mood with these stain-fighting tricks from

YYuletide – Yuletide…of or pertaining to the Christmas season…send some pictures!  What a wonderful way to mark passage of the past year as well as bring that personal touch to friends’ homes with photos celebrating all the beauty and fun of this season!

ZZZZZ… – Is your guestroom ready for the Holidays?  Preparing for house guests can be a lot of work.  Starting to prepare early, and keeping a positive attitude will ensure you enjoy the process.

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