To ‘Accessorize with Color’ here’s one suggestion as a starting point — look through magazines, Pinterest, and blogs for “looks” that inspire.  Even though the furniture and accessories that are shown might be more expensive than your taste or budget can tolerate, color as used is easily in reach.

Color should “flow” and “relate”.  Starting in the room, create color “lows” to “highs”.  “Lows” equals a color appearing in the rug.. then the pillow.. to strength in art on the wall.. to “highs” in window treatments.  Repeating the color 3 times shows the color as an accent color.

Caution here…. not all colors need to be “stars”.  There is a dynamic feel to the room when color is in ratios that are not even: 70% – 30%, 60% – 40%.  A very effective percentage is 60% – 30% – 10%, where the “star” color is represented in 60% of what is seen, 30%, and the final accent of 10%.  Start with a fabric, or a run, or art…. find that inspiration and begin to weave color in the room.

Color should flow & relate from room to room, also.  What is the 10% accent could be the “star” in an adjoining space.

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on this project?  Try giving your room a lift with new throw pillows in living rooms and bedrooms.  Paint existing frames, and change out existing mats for your artwork.  Hmmm… if the chandelier looks dates… add that punch by painting it with acrylic paint (raw umber sponged on can appear as bronze.)

It’s Spring, so accessorize with color in the flower pots themselves.  “Brown” is the new terra cotta look, but there are some great yellow, orange, and blue pots available.

Simple…. Affordable….. Accessorize in Color!

Check out more ideas on the Eye4Design Pinterest!

[image source: House Beautiful]