“Aging in Place” is the ability to live in one’s own home as one ages into their senior years, safely and independently as one get older. When ReDesigning a space to accommodate aging residents, we look at innovative ways to make their homes more accessible and comfortable.

From the entry… throughout the home… and onto the back patio leading to the backyard, there are special considerations to keep in mind.  Not only do you need to ensure there is at least one no-step entry into the home, you also need to pay close attention to the accessible path of travel within the home.  Flooring surfaces need attention, as well as the materials and design of the furnishing you chose.


Ideally, the space will have plenty of windows to provide natural light.  Low maintenance exterior and interior finishes as well as easy to operate hardware is a must.  Here, we replaced high inaccessible windows in a master bedroom with french doors with a flush threshold allowing the homeowner easy access to their back patio.


Although this homeowner was not ready to convert to a fully accessible ADA Kitchen, we did provide some ADA Accessible features such as a a reachable microwave, a pull out work station beneath the microwave, and faucets that operate via touch.


People can now think about accessible living in a much more elegant way.  Eye4Design will evaluate your current home with a livability assessment to identify and recommend changes for your future needs.  Additional Downsizing services include organizing and sorting household items, providing a complete inventory for each action required:  keep, sell, donate or dispose.

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