Are your rooms suffering from S.A.D. — Stale Arrangement Disorder?  ReDesign!

Eye4Design Can Help! 


  1. Chronic Fatigue – Is your room tired or bland?
  2. Osteoporosis – Are you ignoring the bones of your room?
  3. Clogged Arteries – Is your furniture arranged in a way that you can’t get around easily?
  4. ADD – Is your room so cluttered that you can’t focus?
  5. Macular Degeneration – Are you ignoring the lighting in your room?
  6. Anemia – Are all your walls painted white?
  7. Vitamin Deficiency – Is your area rug too small for your furniture?
  8. Vertigo – Do you keep getting dizzy from looking up at your artwork?
  9. Alzheimer’s – Are your accessories scattered around and ineffective?
  10. Arthritis – Do your rooms not function efficiently?


A Fresh New Look using utilizing what you already own…  in 3 Hours!  Stop Suffering from S.A.D.!

1 Room (3 Hours) for only $225.00

Interior ReDesign brings a new look, creating beautiful and functional rooms using what is available in the home. In just a few hours using the redesign steps, Eye4Design creates surprising results and often corrects common mistakes that have caused homeowners to feel uncomfortable in their own rooms.

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[S.A.D. source: Yours ReDesigned]