De Clutter – Every space will feel bigger if you remove some items from the room… allow the eye to travel someplace and rest!

Organize – Well organized closet and cabinets are a must! Install lighting in closets and large cabinets so that you are able to easily see what is inside!

Lighting – Buy LED rope lighting and place it where you need additional lighting; shoe level within your closets, under cabinets for down lighting, and as up-lighting on top of your kitchen cabinets.

Color – Create contrast! Dark Floors with a light color on the walls and white ceilings allow the eye to travel up the walls — giving a sense of more space.

Window Coverings – Floor to ceiling curtains not only make the windows seem larger, but also makes the walls seem bigger as well. Follow this rule for your shower curtain as well!

Doors – Occasionally a door is too large and impedes on the flow of a space. Take the door off and replace with a curtain.

Three Points of Light – Have at least three points of light in each room at eye level, and make sure to turn them on! Lamps extend a room visually, creating the illusion of more space.

Mirrors – They expand the space visually, and double the light!

Windows – Wash them often! Nothing stops the eye like smudges on the windows… but clean glass allows the eye to travel through the distance!