The air becomes cooler and crisp, and Mother Nature brings outs her vibrant palette of gold, orange, and reds.  Bring nature indoors to extend your enjoyment of the season.   Gather an armful of branches featuring fall foliage to create a colorful centerpiece.  The key is to incorporate and mimic nature in your decorating scheme.

Accents of fall colors are a great way to add a pop of brightness to a room during the cloudy fall days.  Look around, for the golds and oranges can be found in abundance during the fall season…tinted glassware, pillows, and throws to leaves, pumpkins, and gourds.  No matter which hue you choose, the color will compliment most decor.

Red presents in a number of hues and is a lively color perfect for accenting or enhancing areas of the home where you entertain and “live.”  Actually, Sherwin Williams is presenting Cavern Clay SW7701 and Dunn-Edwards paints with a Spice of Life color as colors of the year for 2019.  As described, the color(s) acts as if “its an embrace.”  Used in minimal or maximum amounts, these colors of fall bring “home” the season to us all.

In preparation for Thanksgiving, create a simple tablescape by placing small sprigs of leaves and fall colored candles in glass jars.  Maybe the leaves are real or faux (faux can be easier, cleaner, and the colors remain!) or even fresh produce, the idea is organic.  Take advantage of it.  Succulents are especially useful because the color and freshness remain. Even an edible tray makes a Thanksgiving decor fun as well as beautiful.  And remember, beautiful doesn’t mean fancy…paper for table runners, or burlap strips coordinated with colorful napkins, greens, flowers, natural elements and or candles can make a gracious, comfortable setting at the Thanksgiving table for a time of gratitude and family renewal.


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