Don’t be fooled by thinking a potential buyer isn’t opening those cupboards and closet doors!  Take the time to  “Pitch It”, “Donate It”, “Sell It”, and “Save It”.  If need be, rent a storage unit.  The resulting clutter free organization tells a potential buyer “I have all the space you need”.


Remove everything from the closet so that you can easily dust your shelves, vacuum the floors, and don’t forget the cobwebs in the corners.

Then comes the most important part – Purge!  This is where “Pitch It”, “Donate It”, “Sell It”, and “Save It” comes into play… if you haven’t used it within the last year you need to seriously consider its value and make some decisions on whether it belongs within the “Save It” pile.

Consider building some shelves in the basement storage room to hold well organized bins of seasonal clothing and accessories.

Once all of your items are grouped together, take time to determine which items will be hung, folded, or put in baskets or boxes.  Consider shelf dividers for keeping items within their place and maintaining a clutter free look.  Fabric or wicker storage bins or hat boxes are great for storing items that often create clutter.  Tip:  Keep boots in an upright position and insert old magazines or newspaper into your boots so they remain upright all year.

Linen closets often attract more than the standard linens, which in turn becomes the catchall for anything bed and bath. If a mound of pillows, blankets, towels, sheets, table linens and toiletries has made you scared to even open the door, it may be also be time to conquer that space as well.


Although a daunting task, the end result is well worth the time and effort put into it.