Is there a college student in the house — or better said — almost out of the house?  Need ideas for that “Home Away from Home”, ie. the dorm room?

Since space is a premium, look at all the space, including “up”. Many colleges now provide the opportunity to “loft the bed”, thus providing space below for desks, for a dresser, and for added storage.


“Up” includes over the door.

[source: The Container Store]

“Up” includes on walls – for this, check Command Adhesive strips.  You’ll find a variety of styles and specific functions.  Don’t forget to make the space pleasing, too.  Check out this fun use of wall space from

Closet Organization is crucial (no Basement boxes available here), so utilizing boxes overhead for seldom used items as well as boxes below hanging items makes the most of what’s provided.

Hanging Shelves are available, as well as hanging bars to accommodate double hanging space.  Think anywhere — check out how simply the footboard of a bed can offer possibilities, with this smart storage solution from PB Teen.

We’ve only just begun — there is a plethora of desk organizers and bath organizers.  Here’s an idea for that “sit in bed studier:… a portable desktop.






Yes, they are available to purchase, but one can also get creative an make it personalized.

After all, having just a touch of “Home” around often helps to settle in, too.