Define your outdoor space into defined rooms creating useful outdoor living areas, encouraging people to extend their indoor activities outside.

Ok, so where is this space?  Let’s talk porch.  Many homes feature porches, some on the front side, some on the back side yet wherever located, if your home has a porch, consider it a great candidate for outdoor living.   Bring to this space comfortable seating, and don’t forget the ottoman or small garden stool for drinks, a book, and relaxing.  Lanterns give wonderful light for a cozy night’s gathering, and one could even consider outdoor curtains to privatize the space if desired.


No porch?  A deck can utilize the same above items and create a great defined space for entertaining.  The bonus here would be if one has a grill that could be housed somewhat adjacent to the deck.  Then, with the addition of a table, the function expands to include meals as well as simply a gathering space.

Traditional Deck

No deck?  Let’s just define the space in the yard.  Using containers as well as furniture can help achieve this .  An umbrella could provide a shady spot, and a grouping of furniture with a table, garden stool, or ottoman  completes the space. Of course, if one is fortunate enough to have the clearance and desire, the outdoor fireplace speaks of entertaining  as well as relaxing on its own.

Love the Space You Live In!