Most potential buyers are interested in being able to move right into a home, changing out the current decor for their own.  In order to give a home an edge over the competition, ensure that each room has a clearly defined purpose.

11030220_051  IMG_9877

This homeowner works from home, yet did not have a defined space for the home office.  The office was shared within the living space.  It was necessary to separate the two spaces to provide each of the rooms their intended purposes.

To define the office space we moved the teenager into another bedroom, which not only provided expanded living space for the teen, it also gave the office a new fully functional home.  This provided a true office space with it’s own separate entrance which enhances not only the productivity of the home based business, but also showcases the home’s best features.

office  IMG_9906

office2  IMG_9909

basementbedroom  IMG_4943

Once each space within the home is defined, one is able to more clearly decide what furniture and accessories are needed to make the space both aesthetically pleasing as well as useful.

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