Look no farther than the mannequin in the store, the ad on the screen, the flyer in the mail…Best Trends in the fashion world replicate in the arena of home living.  Just think of the “rules” for dressing (past and present).  Your mom can tell you how a woman’s purse and shoes should ALWAYS be the same color, (your dad, the belt and shoes…oh, you’ve never heard of that..ok), that patterned pieces should mate with solids. and so on..Today’s clothing trends break away from those constraints, and yet still reflect  simple design savvy.  And the home market is there in stride, too, so when in doubt as to what will “work” in your space, think fashion trends.

Bold patterns and pops of color in a room give it personality and depth. When the walls offer the solid “canvas” of color, proper use of various patterns working together create the statement of individuality as well as comfort for the space.  Just as ties, scarves, skirts, shirts all can work together, so can a mix of patterns within the room.  Some guidelines ( not to be labeled “rules” of course) to keep in mind when using multiple patterns in a space would be to mix pattern on different scales so the don’t get lost in one another. Have one BIG statement pattern and mix smaller ones around it.  Use pillows, throws, rugs, lampshades, chairs to make it happen.  And, as mom would say, “Keep in mind the Rule of Three”…three mixed patterns are good; otherwise its too much.

Trends in color in the fashion world seem to hover in the shiny, techno, and yet elegant phase. China’s growing presence in world play has “red products selling briskly,” and yet the color trends are continuing to reflect Mother Nature with warm neutrals (here’s that “gold” idea…), greens that have depth and blues fresh in remembrance of a treasured natural commodity.

Texture in clothing…take a look at vests, jackets and trims and you will see real as well as faux fur. Yep, texture is big this year, and around the home, the blend of the “natural elements” for accessories as well as furniture is hot.  Organic cotton bedding is available at Target…mainstream of mainstream…There are some great sources for handmade rugs at West Elm. Natural elements are as close and inexpensive as bringing the outside in for simple a decorative punch. Just make sure that fabulously interesting branch is bug-free.

So there you have it..when in doubt, check out the latest fashion trends and your living space will be right in style.