Is your Home ready to Host a Graduation Party?

It’s almost May… which means it’s time to start thinking about high school graduation parties.  You don’t need to remodel the entire house for a Graduation Party… but it is time to bring out the best features of your home, and ensure that the space is being used efficiently for hosting your child’s Graduation Party!

Where do you start?  Spring Cleaning is a great way to begin the process.  Obviously you will want to pay particular attention to the entry and linen closet, bathrooms, and guest rooms if you will have company staying for the weekend.

The yard will need some extra attention.  Look closely at the walkway, and get the deck and landscaping all in shape.   Ensure that the front door says “Welcome“!  Now is the time to call for extra help if it will be needed in preparing the lawn for the season.

What’s Next? Color!  Not only on the walls, but also within your accessories.  Start by brightening up your entry, and then move into the main area of the home.  Color choices should reflect personal choice, and it should reflect on how the space is used…. if you are having a difficult time in choosing the right color for your home, Eye4Design can simplify the process with a Color Consultation.

If you are even considering redecorating a room, now is the time to do it!  Delivery of furnishings can take 4 – 12 weeks depending on where you purchase your furniture.  Eye4Design’s Interior ReDesign and Professional Shopping Services are sure to simplify the process!  Call Kathy for your Consultation today! (616) 402-4871 

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Hassle Free Graduation Party Decorating

If you struggle with how to make the layout of your home flow for the Graduation Open House, Eye4Design can provide a floorplan that solves your Graduation Open House worries.  From furniture placement that allows for people to move easily through your home, to decorations that represent the spirit of the occasion…  Eye4Design can provide the plan for you.

Eye4Design will come to your home and decorate from Top to Bottom… allowing you to relax and enjoy the event.

Call Kathy at (616) 402-4871