Now that Christmas is over it’s time to start thinking about packing up and storing all the seasonal decorations.  Make note of these useful tips to ensure the decorations keep their splendor from year to year.

Is there a growing supply of decorations that never make it out of the boxes each year?  If so, keep in mind…. “Pitch It”, “Donate It”, “Sell It”, and “Save It”.  Now is the time to go through those bins… empty them all out… and start sorting!

Once that is complete, organization of the items that will be kept can begin:

Wreath: If a large wreath container isn’t available, an option is to wrap in plastic or a large garbage bag.  Hanging it on a hook in an out of the way place will keep the greens from getting crushed.  Good Housekeeping provided the handy tip of slipping the hoop over the neck of a coat hanger, then cover with a plastic dry cleaning bag to prevent a year’s worth of dust from building up. Hang in a closet or from a beam in your attic.

Christmas Wreath Storage

Garland: Garland is best stored in a plastic tub, fitting the coils neatly within the container making sure it does not twist and tangle.  Wrap additional adornments in tissue paper and store within the same container, if possible.

Ornaments: Don’t want to spend the money purchasing the divided Ornament containers?  Head to the liquor store and ask if there are any empty boxes available.  Those divided boxes are a great option for storing ornaments.  Remember, if the ornament is much smaller than the compartment to pad it with tissue paper or bubble wrap so that it won’t get jostled.

Lights: There are several creative ways to store Christmas tree lights, ensuring they remain untangled for the following year.  The image below, by shows simply wrapping the lights around cardboard and storing them in a plastic bin… a simple and affordable solution!

Holiday Light StorageFlat Decorations: This type of item is best wrapped in tissue and placed in boxes according to the size of the item.

Holiday Candles: Candles are ideally stored in a cool place.  Most often, that is not possible.  Wrapping the candles within cellophane will ensure their colors do not transfer.

Labeling the items is a great way to help distinguish similar accessories as they are pulled out from year to year.  Another smart choice is to store ornaments in clear plastic boxes so it is easy to see the contents within.

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