Eliminating clutter and getting organized is a must in Home Staging!  Days on the market and final selling price are key concerns for homeowners and agents alike. Therefore it is essential to show potential buyers that they, along with all their ‘stuff’ will fit comfortably within the home!

The first step in the Home Staging process is clearing out the clutter!  Well organized rooms and storage spaces can make a home appear larger, and allow the buyer to focus on the home’s selling points, instead of how much stuff is crammed into each space.


If you are short on closet space, make the most of utilizing baskets and cabinets for storing children’s clothing and accessories.  These colorful baskets not only provided ample storage but brought accents of fun color to the room.


Originally, these bookshelves were just a nook that did not serve a purpose.  Simply adding shelving to create a bookcase provided this home office space to store books and files.


Don’t forget to organize the pantry!  Potential buyers are sure to open that big bountiful pantry to glimpse inside.  Impress them by keeping your pantry well organized… utilize baskets to keep like items together for easy access.

Removing the clutter and getting your home in good condition not only organizes and simplifies your life, but it also adds value.  Once the home is organized, the work is not over!  Work will be required to prevent reverting to the prior chaos.

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