Home Staging

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Eye4Design – Your Home Staging Resource

Whether your property is new construction, occupied, or vacant, staging helps the buyer better visualize its potential.

Eye4Design effectively staging your property;

  • Increases your home’s emotional appeal and perceived value. A potential buyer’s decision begins 30-60 seconds upon entering a property. Eye4Design can help make your property’s first impression a winner.
  • Maximizes your home’s space by showing buyers how their furniture will fit in the house. Fifty-eight percent of buyers made a decision to buy after seeing 10 properties. Effective staging keeps your house on their list of “must see”.
  • Prepares your property to be competitive on today’s market. Eye4Design’s initial consultation gives you, the seller, the “extra eyes” to address items that clean-up, repair, and update your property to make it “move in ready”.

A professionally staged home sells 2-3 times faster than a non-staged home;

  • Creates a “must see” look that photographs “move-in ready”. At least 92 percent of buyers will start their search on the internet even before they contact a realtor, so begin your first impression where the search begins.
  • Equals less stress, less uncertainty because you know as the seller, your home is ready to show, and less stress when you move because all the sorting, packing, and purging has been completed, leaving you a clean slate move-in to your new home.
  • Creates greater profits in less time at a cost typically less than the first price reduction. Sixty three percent of home buyers will pay more money for that “move in ready” status.

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Benefits of Real Estate Staging

Professionally Staged Properties:

  • Look better than others on the market
  • Sell faster
  • Typically sell for more money
  • Look better in print and internet ads
  • Receive more foot traffic
  • End up on a buyer’s “must see” list
  • Are viewed by buyers as “well maintained”
  • Are viewed as “well maintained” by Appraisers
  • Are often appraised at a higher values
  • Are “move in ready”
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