Happy New Year!  Home Organization is amongst the top of many New Year Resolution List’s.  Here are some former posts to help you get started!

Clutter Free Closets
Don’t be fooled by thinking a potential buyer isn’t opening those cupboards and closet doors!  Take the time to  “Pitch It”, “Donate It”, “Sell It”, and “Save It”.  If need be, rent a storage unit.  The resulting clutter free organization tells a potential buyer “I have all the space you need”.

source: http://bathroom-closet-organizer.builtinsdesignss.com/

Home Staging Storage Solutions
Eliminating clutter and getting organized is a must in Home Staging!  Days on the market and final selling price are key concerns for homeowners and agents alike. Therefore it is essential to show potential buyers that they, along with all their ‘stuff’ will fit comfortably within the home!


Holiday Decoration Storage Ideas
Now that Christmas is over it’s time to start thinking about packing up and storing all the seasonal decorations.  Make note of these useful tips to ensure the decorations keep their splendor from year to year.

Christmas Wreath Storage
Source: GoodHouseKeeping.com

What other New Years Resolutions have you made for this year?