Expecting a house full of company for the Holidays?

The best part of the Holidays is spending time with family and friends.  Yet, preparing for house guests can be a lot of work.  Starting to prepare early, and keeping a positive attitude will ensure you enjoy the process.

Give guests a home-away-from-home feel within the guest room.  Create an environment that promotes a great night’s sleep with plush linens.  Stock bedside tables with current magazines or books.  Place a basket in the room containing bathroom linens as well as an extra blanket.

guestbedroom4     guestbedroom1     guestbedroom2


Don’t have a guest room? Finding room for the overnight guest can sometimes be a challenge.  Consider some innovative ideas on where to stow a guest bed.

  • For the young guest, consider an air mattress or cot.  Include a ‘bedside’ basket with a flashlight and a couple of books!
  • A day bed tucked within an office or playroom serves its purpose well.  When it’s time for the sleepover simply pull out the pillows and blankets.
  • A sofa bed is a great solution for overnight guests.  The old clunky versions of generations past have been replaced with comfortable sleek versions.  Check out the Sleeper Sofa by Art Van below.


Take a cue from five-star hotels and stock the kitchen counter with mugs, a teapot and small packets of coffee and tea so guests can help themselves to a warm cup in case they are early risers.

Stayed tuned for more tips on getting your home ready for Houseguests!

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