The bumper sticker read “I Love the Color Green”.  So…. we have a Michigan State Spartan fan, or a non-ski enthusiast… or a very eco-friendly individual expressing views on living habits.  Whatever the source, the phrase has good meaning as it stands.  Let’s take it even another direction!

For winter months especially, “Green” is a great asset for your interior space.  (We’ll talk paint later).  Think HIP HOUSEPLANTS.  Think BIG HIP HOUSEPLANTS.

Green is the color of life, and introducing a houseplant of significant size brings life into the gray, dull, and colorless feel that winter brings to your space.

One does not require a green thumb, for silks (artificial plants) have become extremely realistic in appearance and texture.  Just make sure to dust the foliage regularly.

Varieties that have size allow the plants to act as focal points, sculptures, and create interesting shapes for one’s interior.  Chose specimens of the larger leaf varieties such as fig trees, philodendrons, dracena, and fern palms.

Or, consider grouping a few smaller plants together for that punch.  (Hmmm…. what about that Big Bell Jar and doing a terrarium…)

A simple ivy plant that has “age” on it’s side can be easily attached to topiaries, thus giving it weight and substance.

Add some Green to your winter.  Keep “life” around you… in no time nature will bring fresh blooms to surround you this spring!

(photo source: Elle Decor)