As any contractor would say, “Water wins.”  Well, in this case, it is a draw.  True, water initially entered a bedroom from a cracked exterior outlet and subsequently damaged wall board and flooring for nearly one third of this house, but this damage turned out to be just the catalyst needed to create an updated and safe home for the owner.

Built in 1957, this cinder block home had only minimal updates since its construction and now presented multiple issues for its senior citizen owner.  The decision was made to not only update but enhance its floor plan and provide ADA accommodations.  The floor plan now boasts two complete bathrooms, a roll in shower, one powder room, 2 bedrooms as well as a large study and completely new kitchen.

Colors reflect the warm tones of the Southwest and showcase the owner’s artwork.
As with any project, one always wants to honor the owner’s choices. Here the owner made choices long distance and had the surprise and pleasure to see everything all new following the year’s renovation.  All in all, this is a win-win job!






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