Looking for a way to fill your walls with your family photos in a creative way?  The proper arrangement, or perhaps a mix of quotes and accents will achieve the solution that fits your space!


The contemporary living room on the left provides an accent wall of photos to become the focal point of the room.  The shelves displaying the photos on the right bring shape, structure, and a solid foundation to the space.


A staircase is a favorite spot for a family gallery of photos.  The image on the right displays a quote which presents a more personal touch to the space.


Two great presentations of photos!  The black and white enlarged photos adds a great focal point to the room, and the creative use of wall space in the vertical display on the right adds a decorative punch to the space.


Get Creative with a selection of various frames and a Quote Stencil.  We have created our Photo Display… now it is time to choose the perfect photos!!

In Home Staging we often recommend removing some of your personal Family & Friend photos from the walls… as they become distracting to your potential buyers.  Call Kathy (616) 402-4871 to set up your Home Staging Consultation today.