Here are 5 steps to make that “expensive store room” pay off for everyone!

1) Decide what area of the garage is for what purpose, ie. sports equipment, lawn equipment, car maintenance, gardening tools, etc.

2) Remove everything from the garage. Divide items into 4 groups: “Pitch It”, “Donate It”, “Sell It”, and “Save It”.

Have boxes available for donated items and sale items, so as to separate items as they are removed from the garage.

Helpful Hint: Check out Bagsters at Home Depot. This is a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to provide the service of a dumpster without the price.

3) The clean sweep always helps — that includes the walls, the corners of the walls, and floor to remove any dirt and cobwebs.

Helpful Hint: For a “wow” factor, check out cement paint at Rycengas locally in Grand Haven, or your local Home Depot Store. Cleaned cement can be painted in a choice of colors, with or without flakes. This can upgrade your garage to more of a multipurpose status, “workroom” instead of merely a garage.

4) Choose containers to help CONQUER storage of those items that will remain in your garage. Originally reserved for speciality stores such as paper good displays, a product known slat board is readily available at Home Depot. Slat board allows for vertical, as well as visual storage for things of all sizes. This keeps items readily accessible.

Lockers found in schools now can be found in homes and garages 🙂 to help organize kid as well as adult “stuff”. Check out used office furniture supplies for availability.

(source: bernardbins.com )

D.I.Y. ideas abound to help group items so as to make for the most efficient use of space, ie. DON’T FORGET THE CEILING. Visualize wire closet shelving. Imagine a very long section of this vinyl coated product attached to beams in your garge. Voila! Storage!

(Source – Pinterest)

5) Bring back only those items that have purpose and place in the garage.

Congratulations, Well Done.
Enjoy your summer time!