Whether or not your flat screen television is mounted on the wall, it should have some sort of base below it to ‘create the space’.  After all, it’s not all about the TV!  A long console, buffet table, fireplace, or creative solution that fits your style will do the trick.

Below, the TV is mounted 6-8 inches above the mantel allowing space for other decorative items.  The shelves alongside the fireplace balance the space.

While this seating is still surrounding the TV, the credenza and frame surrounding create a visual interest that doesn’t allow the TV to take over the room.

The built in’s allow the space to feel much larger and function much better with all the electronics, speakers, television and cabinetry out of the way.

The options are endless, and finding the perfect size, material, and functionality that will best fit your space can be a daunting process.  This is where Eye4Design can step in and offer the perfect solution with our ReDesign and Professinoal Shopper services….  Contact Kathy at (616) 402-4871