Traditional design makes use of new furniture, draperies, art, accessories often to the exclusion of a homeowners’ existing furnishings. Yet, in this economy, the option of “new” everything (or even something!) is not often in the plans. Many will stagnate here… unhappy with the way things are but feeling unable to achieve that fresh, new feeling that this time of year beckons to us. Inside, looking at the same old room, set in the same old way, with the same old….

STOP RIGHT THERE!! The alternative does exist… refresh that old look, revive that feel, renew the space by REDESIGN! The concept of Interior Redesign is to use what is available in the home to create beautiful and functional rooms. In just a few hours, using redesign steps, Eye4Design has the ability to create beautiful surprising results.

In this season of “in between” when time is often inside the home, redesign brings an uplifting and exciting change to life as it always has been. A redesigned room can have life and renewed energy . Redesigning a room also creates the opportunity to correct the common mistakes that cause that uncomfortable feeling with some rooms. Eye4Design takes possessions already present combined with other treasures found throughout the home and puts them in a way to create a beautiful, comfortable, refreshing sanctuary away from the worries of the world.

“A well decorated home is rarely the most expensively decorated home.” Mark McCauley