It is Spring and a wonderful time for changing up what is around you, whether it be inside or outside.  The kitchen is the heart of the home, the hub of activity and one of the most influential areas of the home. Why? Because of its importance in the day to day life of most everyone, the kitchen’s state of affairs casts its condition throughout the home’s interior “feel.”

Without spending money for any large scale renovation, there are many small ways to update this all-important space.  Let’s start the day with a fresh, “new” feel with simply a fresh coat of paint.  What is said about paint is true-it is the least expensive update for the biggest change.  And, here is a place to add a little personality in the paint job.  Consider painting a border as a fun accent color, or even painting the cupboards as well as the walls. What about color?  Well, that is a personal choice, but the selection regardless of manufacturer is there.  A starting point could be a fresh green color (as in the healthy eating trend… do you realize that “avocado” is making a comeback as quite a stylish color?!)    Oranges stimulate the appetite and conversation…Bolder colors can help those white cabinets take on a completely new role!  (Or, painting the old white cabinets a Sherwin Williams’ Black Bean can change up everything again!)

[Photo Source: Painting Kitchen Cabinets Color Ideas]

Another quick and easy fix is the table–mix up the chairs. Have many individual chairs instead of the matching ones.  Use fabric for different seat covers as a variation of  this.  Or, take the fabric idea and think table runner, napkins…perky, punch-y and fun!

A new backsplash will say “instant update” and can be accomplished in a weekend.  Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. have selection for immediate installation. And, what about taking those glass tile sheets and hanging them vertically instead of horizontally?! A new look!!

Simply switching the hardware on cabinetry changes the look from old and tired to fresh and up-to-date.

Good lighting is important in every room in the house, and the kitchen requires lighting that is for general lighting (overhead), as well as for tasks (under-counter and/ or pendant).  An update in this regard reaps benefits in functionality as well as aesthetics.

Did your dishes come with you ever really use saucers…what about hanging them in a wall grouping for a color kick

Whatever ingredients are chosen for a “quick fix.” the gain will bring power to how your home feels and looks!

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