Kitchens Sell Homes!  Buyers pay special attention to the kitchen – It is so important to ensure that the kitchen is in the best condition possible.  Not only clean… but also up to date.

Kitchen Staging Tips:
Kitchens must be immaculate.
Update appliances if possible.
Check all doors and cabinets to make sure they open smoothly.
Make necessary repairs to cabinets and doors.
Tighten hardware and doorknobs.
Re-caulk the sink.
If painted, touch up the paint on cabinet doors as well as walls.
Replace garbage disposal if needed.
Air our and clean inside of cabinets under the kitchen sink.

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A 2013 study by RESA found that homes, not staged, would sit on the market, on average, for 143 days.  Those same homes, once staged, sold within 40 days.

This equates to a total of 183 days on the market.  When staged first (prior to listing), homes averaged 23 days on the market.  Bottom line – sellers are better off staging first and then having their home listed as they will sell 87% faster than they would if they listed first and then staged.