The message is clear: Staging a home for sale ensures it is sold faster and for more money! Staging shows the buyers the property’s true potential.  Yet, convincing the homeowner that they need to make that investment is often a difficult task.

resaguideThe Real Estate Staging Association, a trade association for the staging industry, released findings from a study using data from January 2012 to December 2012 which shows the importance of Staging.

RESA studied 89 homes that were previously on the market that were not staged. The unstaged homes remained on the market, on average, for 166 days before the home owners called in a professional stager.

Once the homes were staged, the owner’s received their first offer in an average of 32 days.  Nine of those homes received multiple offers.

Do your sellers need more convincing?

In studying another sample of homes, RESA studied 359 homes that were staged before they went on the market. These homes, on average, received their first offer in 26 days after being professionally staged. Sixty Nine of these homes had multiple offers.

Staging Works!

RESA states “Our study proves it does not benefit the homeowner to list their property first to see if it will sell. When they invest in staging before listing, they sell 87% faster.”


An Additional Benefit of Staging with a certified RESA Stager: RESA Stager’s have access to discounts to help you in your moving process. Ask Kathy for information on moving services.

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