Your front door is the threshold to your home, and it will make a very big first impression upon visitors–make sure it makes a grand presentation! Discover tips to help your home make a great first impression that beckons potential! 

In a recent survey, 79% of professional home stagers felt that a colorful front door contributes to the overall look and feel of the home and can increase the home’s perceived value.  The front door can help a home stand out in online photos by making it more visually appealing than boring, non-descript doors.  A great first impression can set the home apart and draw potential buyers in to see the home’s interior. RESA has compiled a report, ‘Front Doors and Selling Your Home’, which provides some solid insight on ensuring your front door stands out from the crowd… without becoming distracting.


It’s not simply the color that demands attention, but also the Hardware as well:

Modern Homes – Ensure that you choose hardware that is simple and clean cut with a silver or nickel finishing.  Black is also a good choice, and black door knockers can look sophisticated on a lighter colored front door.

Traditional Homes – Play it up and choose unique pieces that pay homage to traditional styles such as Tudor, Victorian, English, etc.

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