The fireplace mantel, home of cozy fires, center of family gatherings, and Christmas stocking ”central” is regularly the focal point of the living/family room and therefore often demands a little more attention ( or anguish) than other areas for holiday decorating.

Take comfort in the phrase “Look around you,” for that is all that it takes to make your mantel festive, unique and fitting for your own home. Ah…you donʼt have a mantel, you say…well, with simple adaptations, one can use a sofa table or buffet to achieve the same effect.

Christmas Mantel

GO EARTHY and find a substantial branch with interesting intersections and decorate with small ornaments, using fish line for varying lengths. For the table, “plant” your branch in a tall vase filled marshmallows and decorate with the ornaments or even colored bells. Hurricane glasses could use walnuts in the shell to hold its candles in place. And what about pinecones…they are around and offer good variation in shapes and sizes. If using fresh greenery indoors, remember to anchor the greens in oasis foam so that they wonʼt dry out.  [ View More Images ]

Holiday Mantel

MAKE IT PERSONAL and look for winter items to use in a decorative way. Sure the sled by the door is fun and of course “stockings hung by the chimney with care” can be part of the picture, but what about a winter scarf to drape on the mantel (not too low…no fire hazard here!!!) or as a runner down the table. This can be a great “inspiration piece” for the rest of your plan for a mantel or table surface. ( Any handmade mittens from the past around??? )

Collections??? There is decorating power in displaying the Santa’s, the nutcrackers, the tiny trees, the stars, the angels…whatever the element, group them on the mantel, or on the table with interest and there you have it!  [ View More Images ]

Elegant Holiday Mantel

ELEGANCE OF THE SEASON is another direction this season, so spray that branch with adhesive and glitter it! Mirrors, always offering the touch of “something special” can be a springboard for not only an elegant touch but also a very individual one, also. Consider using mirrors for the table runner ( be sure to protect your table top) and explore possibilities this way.

Elegance doesnʼt necessarily have to equate with expense; stars of varying size cut from gold mat board can help to create a beautiful scene. Tolle can also achieve an elegant mood; try placing varying sizes of ornaments with various heights on it. And, of course, silver serving pieces can be statements in themselves as the candlesticks, or bowls of ornaments…simple as well as elegant.

Have fun exploring space around you, look at what you have with “new eyes,” and enjoy creating new Christmas scenes. As we all know, tho, the magic is really in the season…may this surround you and your family this season.  [ View More Images ]