With the average dorm size of only 225 square feet, students need to maximize their space!  Let Eye4Design come up with some affordable solutions that will save space and time.

Today we will focus on the closet!  How will the shoes, bags, accessories and clothing all fit within a small closet? Think Vertical!  A rod doubler will create twice the amount of hanging space.  Many enable using a partial width to still maintain a small section for oversize items.

Take advantage of the shelves built within the closet and use sturdy colorful bins to store items such as books, accessories, and extra supplies.  (Colorful bins also work well tucked underneath the bed if space allows, and also provide functionality & style to a bookcase!)  They come in solid or decorative canvas to fit any decor.  Thirty One Bags has many creative storage solutions that work well within the closet which can be customized to fit a students style.


Utilize hanging bags to store folded items, shoes & accessories.  This unique solution from PB Teen provides space for all those items in one convenient Rotating Hanging Closet bag.
Dorm Rotating Storage Closet Bag

Take advantage of the space the door space by hanging an over the door shoe/accessory bag or rack.  The bag below would work well for either girls or guys.


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