5 Staging “Musts” in the Michigan Market

Did you know that a professionally staged home sells 2-3 times faster than a non-staged home? Whether your property is new construction, occupied, or vacant, staging helps the buyer visualize its potential. A trained professional stager working for you creates greater profits in less time at a cost typically less expensive than the first price reduction.

You only get one chance to make a first impression… these proven strategies will ensure you make a great one!

Create the Look

With a 15,000+ Homes Inventory listed year to Date for 2011, it remains important that every home creates that Turn-Key Look. From curb side to back fence every home has to appear move in ready today. The Home that presents that freshly cleaned/updated look will separate itself from the crowd. A door that says “Welcome” and a lawn that says “I’m cared for” speaks of an interior that reflects the same.


Create the Space
Edit, Edit, Edit… All Spaces, and don’t forget Bookcases, Cupboards, Closets, Basements, and Garages too. Divide items into 4 groups: “Pitch It”, “Donate It”, “Sell It”, and “Save It”. If need be, rent a storage unit. The resulting clutter free organization tells a potential buyer “I have all the space you need”. Using simple furniture arrangements invites that buyer to walk right in.

Clutter Free


Create the Atmosphere
Showcase your homes unique character… gather furniture around a fireplace, create a cozy breakfast nook, accessorize with elements that bring that fabulous view into focus. Allow the buyers imagination to create a great lifestyle they envision within your space.


Keep Consistency
While on the market maintaining the model home look requires extra effort. Perhaps that means hiring a cleaning service, a pet service, eating out before showings, and putting the neighbor’s son to work to help you in the yard. Sustaining all your efforts will pay off each time you show your home.


You Only Have One Chance to Make a First Impression…
A well groomed exterior and organized interior provides for great images on your MLS Listing. Remember, over 70% of buyers will view Homes for Sale online first. And upon entering a home, the seller have 60-90 seconds to create that first lasting impression… Make It Count!

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