“Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmotherʼs house we go….” HO HO HO…. its this magical time of year again, when the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and the simplest of something can become something very special.

The “trends” are out there…ribbons cascade down trees, peacocks feather tops, and so forth, but one doesn’t necessarily need to purchase an entirely new “wardrobe” for the tree or home decorations. Letʼs take a new look at what it is and find different ways to use it. Letʼs use decorations “over” in a new way.

Here are branches from the yard, greens from a little tree trimming, battery operated lights, fish line and ornaments suspended over the dining table. Where this is might be different..for example, maybe it is over the counter, over a pass through, over an entry way…use your imagination!

Under glass is a great way to showcase holiday favorites from a grouping of special ornaments to this handmade beaded Christmas tree. Maybe there is a collection that could bring the spirit of the season in focus…angel ornaments under dome…again, use your imagination!

Look around. Look at what is always part of Christmas and bring like items together. All those fun stuffed kid bears with Christmas sweaters on…have them all hang out “around” each other in a basket. And strings of beads used in a new way can surround candles to make the table sparkle.

Throughout the house weave a seasonal color. Perhaps it is red…something red to bring the eye from front door to kitchen to living room, carrying the season to all living spaces. Here is a display of Christmas cards pushed “through” a shutter door…great way to display scenes and messages of such a magical season.

Whatever it is, feel the freedom to bring a little Christmas to the home with “new eyes.” Have a great time with it.

The Best of the Season to All!
Thanks for Being There-