“It’s not just colorful leaves that are changing it up for fall this year.”  Halloween is now in living color.  Hmm….is that an oxymoron?!  Here is an idea..be a trendsetter in your neighborhood and PAINT YOUR PUMPKIN!  Lifelike pumpkins can be purchased, or if you choose, a real pumpkin can be used.  Choose one that has few blemishes or dents.  White pumpkins make it easier when using light colors, orange pumpkins if using darker colors. 

Clean the pumpkin with a damp cloth and some mild detergent.  Dry the pumpkin and set it aside to air dry thoroughly.

Decide on the color/and or colors, and patterns to be used. A layer of white or black acrylic paint is your start. (Tulip brand is good)  A foam brush or small paintbrush or even a painting sponge can be used. True Value Easy Care Premium Decor Spray Enamel with a satin finish has been used, also. For color changes on the pumpkin using straight lines, use painter’s tape.  Set aside to dry.

Sketch any design on your pumpkin with a pencil or marker.  Hint: If there is a great design in fabric, with a bit of patience one can cut the design and affix it to the pumpkin with straight pins!  Modge Podge is a good material for application of paper patterns (you can try it with fabric, too…depending on the weight of your fabric).  Actually, anything that can be used in art can be used on pumpkins.  Stamps, stencils, ink, sharpies…!!!

Have FUN and know that if the above just doesn’t work or you haven’t the ambition or time, Grandin Road Halloween Haven sells some pretty fabulous ones!!