Pantry Organization

Pop in Drawers
Pop in drawers are a great way to store spices, jars, and small kitchen items. They make it a hassle-free way to grab the things you need without anything toppling over.

Limited on Space for Produce?
Hang a shower organizer alongside a cabinet or in your pantry.

Pot and Pan Lids
“Storing your pots and pans is one thing, but finding room for their lids, too, is an entirely different problem. A door rack keeps them out of your way, but still easily accessible when you need them.” – House Beautiful

Photos: House Beautiful

Keep your Packets in One Spot
Use clear organizers and attach them to the walls in your pantry. This will prevent them from spilling and getting lost.

Crates are a great way to store things under shelving that you might not use every day.

Use Clear Containers
“Don’t hunt through mountains of cardboard boxes. Instead, transfer ingredients and snacks into clear canisters so you can skip reading labels – and inspire a uniform tidiness. Plus, you’ll keep mice away from your cookies and crackers.” –House Beautiful

Photos: House Beautiful

DIY Chip Rack
“You’ve probably passed by these racks in the grocery store – but they’re just as handy at home and will only cost you a few bucks. Add the rack to your pantry to create a chip hanger.” –House Beautiful

Use Decorative Baskets
Find baskets that are sturdy, nice looking, and have a spot for a label. Add like items in the baskets to make cooking your favorite meals or grabbing a quick snack nice and easy.

Shoe Organizer
These can also be used for spices, sprays, and small kitchen items. Hang on the inside of your pantry door.

Photos: House Beautiful

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