A new year always brings with it thoughts of “beginning again”….the exercise regimen, the diet, the good healthy habits of living we all strive to attain and that keep trying to elude us.  This year, give thought to that same idea for your home.

A simple definition of redesign is, “ making the most of what you want with what you already have.”  That “New Look” that every magazine features does not necessarily require replacing everything you own and spending your monthly pay check to achieve it.  A simple new furniture layout, reworking art in a different way, reclaiming special items that speak to the character of your family, your personality, your style  can all make for that “New Look” that is truly comfortable for your family and its lifestyle.

How to ReDesign
Clear your space.  Start with the small items and work up to the large.  Yes, this means everything as best as can be..larger items to one end if possible.  Take the art down and roll up the rug if on wood or tile flooring.

What is the true purpose of the room, ie, how is this space really used? Is this a room that is working for you as is, or could it function in other ways?   Maybe the dining table really isn’t used in here…

What special features does your room have?  What are any certain requirements that you have for the function of the room, ie, electronics.  This may require thinking “outside of the box.”

Begin to reassemble your space.  Shop “in house” for special items that have been buried or forgotten yet have special meaning or significance for your family.  Find a color theme in your accessories and use this to coordinate your new space.
Note:  A new throw pillow in the living room or bedroom is relatively inexpensive and yet can bring just that extra perk for your new space.

Hang art again, but don’t feel as if pieces must go back from where they came. Ideally, redesigning a space can bring different pictures to the forefront for that new look.

Lastly, step back and see with new eyes what has been around you all the time.
Know also, that if this process seems overwhelming, Eye4Design does it in an afternoon!
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