When is a house a home?  By definition a home is a place where a person, family or household lives, the ‘heart’ of something; a house, the dwelling itself.  Thus, a home should reflect the personality of the people living there, a place where treasures are honored and space is comfortable and functional for all.

Traditional design operates around how a room “should” look, which can result in a design not always the way the room is used by the homeowner and family, and often with significant cost. With Eye4Design, a Styled for Living space brings a new look… creating beautiful and functional rooms that reflect the personality of the homeowner while within budget.  From a simple refresh to a complete redo, Eye4Design provides professional home styling support.

For smaller projects, in just a few hours using specialized styling steps, Eye4Design creates surprising results and often corrects common mistakes that have caused homeowners to feel uncomfortable in their own rooms.