Try a Themed Christmas Tree 

Whether or not that you are a sailor or water person, using seaside ornaments with blues and greens for a color theme, can achieve a relaxing, fun look.  Or, go for a sporty tree, or a patriotic tree using sport items and flags with silver ornaments, all of which will bring smiles and sparkle for the holidays. Think about the frosted look with gold ornaments for a very special look.  Maybe just incorporate a mini tree somewhere in your living space to showcase children’s ornaments, or, in this case, angels!!

Bring the Outside In for Your Decor

Using pine cones in a variety of ways compliments the season as well as the beauty of nature. Wreaths of pine cones, and trees of all cones can become treasures.  Branches of greenery provide good smells as well as a great background for seasonal flowers. Also know that simple collections of branches have stand alone beauty.

Think Outside of the Ornament Box

Huh? Well, just because an ornament has a hook on it, does not necessarily mean that it must hang on the tree. Could a special ornament hang someplace else? Could the ornament bring delight just by its location? And, yes, one can embellish one’s chandelier to truly bring festivity to the Christmas table!

Start a “Make It” Tradition

Maybe its a day of making a gingerbread village with your family or perhaps it is having mini trees for the kids to decorate, you will be amazed at how some of these can bring smiles for this season as well as seasons to come. (And it is possible to preserve gingerbread items for a time with spray shellac).

“Play” When You Decorate

Just adding an element of the unexpected can bring a smile to someone’s day. Place a Christmas item by the coffee cups, the TV, the hallway, the bookcase… a pop of “Holiday!” can be all it takes to keep the spirit of the season a positive one.

Bring Sounds of the Season Into Your Home

This is such an electronic age, and unfortunately, much of these electronics are solo. That is, one person is communicating with the item and unattached to his or her surroundings. Try the “Christmas Music in the Background” idea again. It’s amazing the power of a sound that can bring warmth, love, and smiles to a space.