Spring is officially here…. It’s time to start thinking about Spring Cleaning. To help you along, we have created a Spring Cleaning Checklist. You can tackle the items all in one week… or spread them out over a few weeks to allow yourself time to enjoy the start of the season!


Stock Up your Cleaning Supplies

  • Outdoor Cleaning – Deck, Window, and Siding Cleaner.
  • Indoor Cleaning – All Purpose, Kitchen, Bath, Dusting and Window Cleaners, Baking Soda, White Vinegar, Sponges, Scrubbers, Towels, and Trash Can Liners
  • Floor Cleaning – Broom, Dustpan, Vacuum, Mop, Bucket, Mopping Solution & Floor Polish
  • Laundry Cleaning – Detergent, Fabric Softener, Stain Fighter
  • Stain Fighting / Odor Remover Kit – see Martha Stewart’s Stain Chart
  • Auto Cleaning – Specialty Detergent, Wax Remover, Clothes & Pads, Window Cleaner & Towels
  • Specialty Cleaners – Oven , Stainless, Soft Scrubbing, and Toilet Bowl Cleaners, wood polish, air freshener, bleach, and silver or metal polish.

Throughout the House:

Clean Windows inside & out

Clean your Window Treatments

Wash Window Screens

Wipe Down Walls & Ceilings – use vacuum to remove dust & cobwebs.

Dust Light Fixtures – Don’t forget the Lightbulbs

Dust Shelves – now is the time to remove all items, thoroughly dust the shelves, as well as the items before you put them back… don’t forget to wipe down the book spines with a soft cloth.

Deep-Clean Carpets & Rugs

Thoroughly Vacuum & Mop Floors

Wash Baseboards/Trim

Polish Door and Window Hardware

Re-Seal Grout

Clean & Change the direction of your Ceiling Fans

Protect your Wooden Floors

Replace the batteries in your Smoke Detectors


Clean out the Refrigerator and Freezer

Dust Refrigerator Coils

Clean the Stove, Oven & Mircrowave – and small appliances as well.

Defrost the Freezer, if needed

Clean Your Coffee Carafe


Update Bed Linens.  A change of throw pillows and blanket and accenting different accessories can change up the look of the room in minutes!

Wash Your Pillows

Living Room

Rotate Textiles – Update rugs, throw blankets and pillows.  Clean the Winter Decor textiles and store for next fall.


Purge your Cabinets – Discard expired medicines and beauty products.

Update your First Aid Kit


Organize Files – update your files and shred documents

Clean Electronics – follow manufacturer recommendations


Tackle that Garage – see our former post on Cleaning the Garage

Clean the Porch – sweep off Ceiling & Walls

Scrub Decks, Walkways, and Driveway – you may want to consider a power washer rental.

Wash the Light Fixtures


Enlist your family to help, and you will all be able to reap the rewards and enjoy a fresh start for spring!  Enjoy!