Hereʼs a home that was on the market for over a year, never staged, rarely shown, and thus, never sold. The owners removed the home from the market and, with Eye4Design, proceeded to invest their time and minimal expense into staging this property. Working closely with Eye4Design, this family has transformed their small cape cod into a light, bright functional space that offers wide appeal to the first time home buyer.

How did they do it? Well, letʼs take a walk!

The first question addressed was…”where is the front door?” As the official front door is not the door of choice, the rear entry was showcased with flowers and a seating grouping. Also, an additional door in this area was painted white to blend in with the siding, leaving no doubt as to which door to use.

Upon entry, grouping the coat hooks and adding a bench helped define the area and purpose of this space as an entry. Simply reworking the furniture as well as adding an affordable window treatment and lamp made this a welcoming space.


How does the dining room feel now that the large table has been removed and replaced with one of more appropriate size and shape? Correct! Now there is space to move through here as well as to gather comfortably for meals.


By moving the microwave from the dining area into the kitchen, this kitchen now presents as room that can function fully and reflects positives instead of negatives in the minds of potential buyers.


Letʼs move into the living room. Here is a good example of giving each room its own purpose. In the before pictures, one can see office furniture sharing living room space.
11030220_051 IMG_9877


Once this office furniture was edited out and living room furniture properly placed, the space opened up and became usable once again. A mantle with a brick backdrop was “steadied” with few but larger elements allowing the fireplace to be more of an asset for sale.

With three bedrooms working off of one bathroom, the bathroom needed to have as much functionality and style as possible. Simply painting the cabinet base and installing a new medicine cabinet that was painted the wall color added huge improvement to the roomʼs overall appearance. New flooring, lighting, and mirror complete this spaceʼs updated look.


The master bedroom exemplifies the need for proper scale in furnishing rooms. The before picture shows a king size bed and frame with both a headboard and footboard.


One can see that the room is consumed by this bed. By editing out a king bed and replacing it with a queen bed and no large frame, the room grows in size. The placement of the bed helps with the feel of the room also, as it was moved off of the entry and thus allows one to enter the room without bumping into the bed.


The second bedroom gained its size by editing out the large dresser (which moved down the hall to the master bedroom) and replacing its function with bin organization in the closet and shelving system in the room. Colorful bins play right into the flavor of this pre-teenʼs room.

IMG_3497   IMG_4925

Taking advantage of a roomʼs assets makes the relocation of the office furniture to a room with its own door, a natural for the function of an office. Here the size of the room can accommodate the scale of the office furniture making its relocation here perfect.


The former bedroom moved to the lower level. The finishing touches on this homeʼs third bedroom improves its desirability. New closet doors and trim complete the room and allowed it to show spaciously as the third bedroom.


Home staging makes all the difference in selling your home this market. Now this smaller home is ready to sell and live large.