Why stage this home, you say?  It is so” small”, so “regular,” “cute, but, do I really need to invest in staging?”   All the MORE REASON to do staging!!  This very appealing home gained great curb appeal with simple updates that highlighted its classic look; a fresh new color for the front door ( SW 6334 Flower Pot), a bronze spray to house numbers and lighting fixtures, and simple, fun, perky flowers in the flower boxes.


By showing possibilities with furniture placement within the living/dining space, this home gained insight for the potential buyer.  The bedroom actually showcased a queen sized bed;  without this, the viewer might not even considered the space large enough to accommodate it.  A small bedroom shows minimal staging that expands the view of how the space could be utilized.  Minimal staging in the lower level again highlights its multiple possibilities without a huge investment.

Staging brings the house into the “home” realm.  Now this Cape Cod invites one to simply move in and enjoy!