Ten Minute Mantel – 3 Inspiring Fall Mantels

Kathy shares three autumn inspired mantels that will bring warmth and character to a room.  All you need to get started is a focal point to set the theme.  Add a touch of nature to finish the look.

Fall Reflections with jewel tone glass vases.

Fall Textures with a branch candleholder mixed with metal, ceramic, natural and glass elements.

A Walk through the Woods with fall tones and classic art pieces.

Create Your Autumn Mantel…. Get Started Today!

Clear the Space
Remove all items from the mantel.
Remove any wall art or mirror unless using with the new decor.

Gather the Goods
Choose a statement focal point to set the theme.
Embellish with items that are “round, square, green, and interesting”.

Light the Candles and Glow
Only a few candles may be necessary to carry the look… just remember to make the number be an even one… 3 or 5… some high, some lower!  Flameless are getting more and more attractive… check them out!

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