What’s in a holiday such as Thanksgiving?  It might be lots of people eating the same food as last year…. crafting a meal around the football game… a day to kick back… a day to plan the beginning of serious shopping… Whatever its definition, this holiday is like none other in that it often revolves around food.

When there is an influx of numbers, panic can occur…where to put all these people when its time to eat…Rather than resorting to finding the sturdiest paper plates for guests to hold on their laps while sitting on the living room couch, consider re-working that living room.  Create a great dining space by relocating your table. Perhaps that means bringing it into another room, one that has the best floor space.  Gathering everyone around the table brings the holiday home. Thanksgiving can have the sustenance that supersedes that of the food.

Are you “game” for it? Here are some numbers to help make that room choice and table position clear before actually shuffling furniture.  A table setting/chair needs 24”, and the chair should have 24”-30” behind it for ingress and egress.  As for making that table a little longer than usual, a piece of board covered by cloth, extra folding tables grouped together and unified with tablecloths can make it all happen.

Burlap on Thanksgiving Table

Burlap strips coordinated with colorful napkins, greens, flowers, natural elements and or candles can make a gracious, comfortable setting at the Thanksgiving table for a time of gratitude and family renewal.

Embellishing the table with elements from nature is always effective for this season.  Using gourds or even apples as candleholders can be inexpensive, festive and fun.  Collections of twigs mixed with flowers also keep with a fall look. Make sure to visit the Thanksgiving IdeaBook on Pinterest for more ideas!

Do you have Thanksgiving traditions that you share with family and friends each year?  We like to incorporate our Blessings Mix.  Each ingredient within the Blessings Mix reminds us of our blessings.  It is an inexpensive and simple gift that has graced many parties, classrooms and offices. Click the image below for the Blessings Mix ingredient list.


w8227-holiday-2012-large Lastly, some have taken the idea of that word, “thanksgiving, ” and incorporated it in the decor as well as the spirit of the holiday. A gratitude jar placed on the table for each to contribute, a picture frame, not of pictures or a mirror, but of words of thanks clipped to wire, or simply a basket with colored paper strips on the table for all to fill can give the effort of this family gathering  a successful feeling for you, who makes it all happen!

Enjoy the Holiday Season with Family & Friends!