The color chosen for a room’s walls and ceiling can help determine whether a homes interior design is a hit or miss. One reacts to color with more than just preference…  color evokes powerful emotions and sensations that may be beyond the ability to control.  Learn how to choose the most powerful hues for your interior and exterior.

Brown is rich, neutral, and warm evoking comfort. (Think coffee, chocolate, tea… )
Most shades co-ordinate well with other colors.  Rich brown tones provide sophistication without the intensity of black.

Grey is cool and neutral providing a contemporary flair to a room.
It is the color of compromise – being neither black nor white, the transition between two non-colors. Yet, it is generally perceived as strong and sophisticated in home decor.

Black is the color of authority and power.
Black is best used in small doses as an accent. Providing a touch of black to a room grounds the color scheme and gives it depth.

White creates peace, cleanliness, and purity.
It is often the easiest color to use within a room.  White trim showcases and intensifies the color of a room or home exterior.

Purple symbolizes power, wealth, and luxury.
Purple can be dramatic or quiet, depending on the tone or shade, making it a good option for a variety of spaces.

Green is the color of nature.
Green is often used in decorating for its calming effect. For example, guests waiting to appear on television programs often wait in a “green room” to relax.

Blue is calming, secure and confident.
Color therapy uses blue to reduce pain, lower blood pressure, and stimulate healing.

Orange is fortifying, boosting the immune system and fighting depression.
The color cultivates good humor and is great as an accent wall or within accessories.

Yellow is happy and evokes intellect and creativity.
Introduce yellow in an entry to give a sense of welcome. Psychologically speaking yellow creates an environment that fosters decision making, good judgement and well being.

Understanding how color affects mood aids in choosing the right hue for a home.

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