When you think of painting a room… do you consider the ceiling?  Typically, the ceiling is painted a textured white.  Think of it as a fifth wall, and transform your space!  Whether you are looking to warm up, open up, or dress it up… you have an abundance of options available to you.

Benjamin Moore offers a complete line of specialty finishes such as glazes, metallics, or pearlescent effects.  Their specialty plasters can elevate the ceiling to an art form by adding color, texture and dimension.  Watch their video to learn how-to techniques:

Experiment with a dark color in a large room to warm up the space.  Often the open room gets ‘lost’ or seems impersonal…and simply adding that touch of color on your fifth wall creates the warm and inviting space you desire.

If you have a small room with a low ceiling, you will want to keep the ceiling lighter in color.  The pale ceiling allows your eye to flow upwards, and a nice hue of pale yellow, grey, or taupe will create a natural light within the space.

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