Vacation can be as close as your backyard.… try these ideas to turn the backyard space into a relaxing outdoor oasis.  An inviting yard provides a mix of beautiful flora, shady nooks, a resting spot, and perhaps an area to entertain.


A pergola covered with luxurious vines will bring the surrounding garden up onto the patio or deck and help blend the structure into the landscape.


Make the patio a welcoming extension of the house by creating a bench within the landscape, calling you outdoors to enjoy the fresh air.


To determine the best location for a pool, consider privacy, access to the house, and the right amount of sunshine and shade.


Loop a garden walkway around your yard so guests can stroll.


Create an intriguing piece of garden art.


Stones can make your backyard feel more natural and soothing. You can use just a few stones to add visual interest in plant beds or go all-out with stone walls and paths.


Flowers provide an instant vacation feel to any setting. Put out pretty containers in your backyard seating areas and grow flowering, fragrant favorites.

The backyard provides the perfect opportunity to expand living space.  Designing the space to reflect personality and lifestyle of the homeowner will add value to the home and create an enjoyable area for relaxing, entertaining, and more.  View more on our Outdoor Spaces Ideabook on

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