Classic is a broad term which is used often in Interior Design.  Classic interior design is based on order, symmetry and balance.  If you were to slice a room/space down the middle, one side would reflect the other.

Traditional decorating depends on classic furniture pieces, symmetrical arrangements, and rich color schemes. One can be current without having to follow ‘stayed rules’.  Symmetry doesn’t need to be exact… it needs to be ‘more balanced’.  Take the concepts of what makes a space Classic… and bring in a contemporary feel.

A classic piece of furniture has “Staying power”… and pairs well with modern styles in design.  No matter what your style, it is a worthwhile investment to purchase classic furniture in shapes that are simple and never really go out of style.

Classic colors are those borrowed from nature.  If nature tells us they work well together, then they work together!  Case in point: blue and yellow, the sun and sky. The room below uses yellow and blue as a base, then adds third and fourth colors of red accents and white trim.

Blending classic combinations with fresh hues and trends of 2015 will give your space a contemporary feel.  Pull inspiration from Guilford Green by Benjamin Moore, Coral Reef by Sherwin Williams, and Pantone’s Marsala.

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